Ten Must-Haves for Your Employee Engagement Survey

An employee engagement survey is a smart first step towards building, maintaining, and showcasing a culture that enables you to recruit and retain the right talent. But with all of the employee engagement surveys available today, how can you know for sure you’ve chosen one that will build the trust and confidence of your workforce and produce reliable, actionable intelligence? Here’s a 10-point checklist that will help you choose an employee engagement survey that produces data-driven insights and actionable intelligence:

1. ☐

The survey you choose is scientifically sound and backed by significant research.

2. ☐

Start to finish, the survey process is anonymous to encourage candid employee feedback.

3. ☐

There’s proof the survey is continuously tested and verified to be relevant in today’s organizational climate.

4. ☐

The process is simple and insights are immediately accessible so you can take action quickly.

5. ☐

Comparative analytics applies reference data to individual data points prior to aggregation.

6. ☐

Insights are generated using an AI engine for employee feedback that identifies how culture is impacting your business strategy.

7. ☐

Benchmarking capabilities consider employee responses at the individual level, and where needed, mixed sectors and cultural overlays.

8. ☐

The data visualization makes it easy to interpret, share, and communicate the results to everyone, from the frontline to leadership.

9. ☐

The survey insights uncover key cultures differentiators you can use to recruit and retain the right talent.

10. ☐

You have the option to use the same platform to generate shorter, more frequent custom surveys that ensure key initiatives are having a positive impact.

Take the first step in making an impact on culture.