Align Your Culture Efforts to Drive Performance in 2021

by Energage

There has always been a lot of talk about the impact culture has on performance. But much of it has been anecdotal evidence – that is, until now. A recent study conducted by Energage and Irrational Capital resulted in groundbreaking research that — for the first time ever — makes a direct link between corporate culture and business performance.

The findings surprised us and they’ll surprise you too.

  • Learn what research shows are the three culture drivers of pandemic performance for Top Workplaces (and aspiring Top Workplaces).
  • Find out what two words are more powerful than rewards when showing appreciation and motivating employees to give their best every day.
  • Discover which of the three engagement metrics is most important right now.

You’ll also learn how Top Workplaces can help you find out where your culture stands and show the nation you put employees first. Nominating your organization is the first step.

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