HR can champion alignment, but it’s ultimately the responsibility of senior leadership.

by Laura Brinton

Weekly Culture Wins

Engaged cultures are aligned. But getting this culture imperative right can be challenging for many companies. That’s because it requires an authentic belief, a smart strategy, and regular communication.

When done right, employees who believe in the direction of your organization will invest more of themselves in their work because they know it will make a difference.

Here are some quick fixes and a couple of bigger ideas:

  • Make time to create a clear, concise, and memorable direction statement.
  • Make your organization’s direction visible throughout the workspace.
  • Reinforce company direction in all communication.
  • Encourage managers to emphasize each team’s role and the vital part it plays in the organization’s direction as a whole.
  • Share stories and examples of company direction in action.

This Field Guide has more tips on Direction, including what to watch for.

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