Showing appreciation is a habit. Not showing appreciation is a habit, too.

by Laura Brinton

Weekly Culture Wins

The ability to show appreciation is a lot like developing muscle. The more you practice and exercise, the stronger you’ll become. Here are four, simple best practices for your appreciation “workout:”

Be seen. Use a webcam to show you’re present and interested during remote meetings. Lean into the camera and use your tone of voice to let people know you appreciate them.

Be kind. Try to meet people “where they are.” Ask about the human being before asking them to do the task you want them to do.

Be a leader. Upgrade from the Golden Rule to the Platinum Rule. In other words, treat people the way they want to be treated. If you don’t know how someone would like to be appreciated, ask them.

Be positive. Reinforce what people do well. Start from a strength perspective to help amplify what your employees do best.

Developing an appreciation habit is a great way to strengthen engagement. Get seven appreciation tips you can use starting today.