Bob Helbig

Bob Helbig is the media partnerships director at Energage who works closely with our media partners to support the Top Workplaces program. Bob brings the unique perspective of having worked for a Wisconsin advertising agency that’s also a seven-time Top Workplaces winning organization. Previously, he served as the deputy business editor at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, where he oversaw editorial coverage of Top Workplaces in southeastern Wisconsin.

Ignore Employee Burnout at Your Peril

by | May 10, 2022

Burnout at work is a real problem, and it has intensified during the long stretch of the pandemic. In survey responses gathered by Energage from thousands of employees over recent months, 39 percent said they often felt overwhelmed at work. Even more worrisome, only 64 percent said they felt their company cared about burnout.

Hybrid Work: If You’re Not Experimenting, You’re Failing

by | March 19, 2022 | Hybrid Work

The world of work has changed, from where people work and the hours they work to how they interact with coworkers and balance life challenges. Today, companies need to be courageous enough to say that what worked in the past does not work anymore. To be successful, they need to think creatively and ask their employees what would make your hybrid experience great.

Employees Did Plenty of Soul-Searching in 2021

by | March 12, 2022 | Workplace Culture

The COVID pandemic prompted people to give more of themselves to their work in the spring of 2020, but 2021 was the year workers decided to focus more on what they wanted or needed for themselves. That’s evident in the employee engagement survey responses analyzed by Energage. Here’s what data collected from more than 2 million workers revealed.

What Does Appreciation at Work Really Mean?

by | March 1, 2022 | Appreciation

Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 4. It celebrates the feel-good connection between workers and the workplace. Yet, workplace appreciation shouldn’t be a single date on a calendar. Award-winning workplaces practice it year-round. And while there isn’t a single best way to show appreciation, we see common themes in the feedback we’ve studied from dozens of highly-rated workplaces.

12 Tips to Boost Employee Retention

by | November 3, 2020 | Retention, Top Workplaces

How do organizations boost employee retention to keep their talent? Just listen to folks who know. We gathered tips from several Top Workplaces companies that rated among the highest for employee retention.