Energage continuously refines and perfects solutions with proven neuroscience and robust benchmarking data. And with more than 19 million employees surveyed, the experience is unmatched, providing you with the most trusted solution for empowering your organization to work better together and achieve amazing results.

Energage Launches Its Unified SaaS Platform

by | October 30, 2019

The Energage Platform is a fully integrated suite of SaaS solutions that delivers intelligence senior leaders can use to attract new talent, minimize unwanted turnover, and leverage culture remains a competitive advantage.

Five Employer Brand Best Practices

by | October 28, 2019

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever for job seekers to take a peek at your organization before they ever set foot through your front door. That means the game of scouting for talent has changed. Completely.

Continuous culture improvement is more than an annual survey

by | October 15, 2019

One thing most Top Workplaces have in common is a clear commitment to supporting and sustaining workplace culture year-round. These companies don’t just check off the engagement box once a year. They make continuous culture improvement a daily priority.

Your Survey is Lying to You

by | October 15, 2019 | Survey

An employee survey is a smart first step toward shaping an intentional culture that mitigates risk, creates value, and delivers bottom-line results. But only if it provides an accurate picture of what’s really going on. Unfortunately, not all surveys can be trusted — and sometimes the consequences are significant.

Five Ways to Help Employees Reach Their Full Potential

by | October 7, 2019

Potential is a huge motivator for most employees. It also ranks high in importance as a culture driver. Our analytics show it’s also more closely tied to engagement than the other Energage Survey statements. That’s why it’s important to pay attention – because when your people are able to realize their full potential, so will […]

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