Energage is a Certified B Corporation that helps organizations measure, shape, and showcase their culture to build a sustainable competitive advantage. Through its fully unified SaaS platform, plus support and professional services, Energage customers are successfully recruiting and retaining the right talent for their organization by building, maintaining and branding their unique culture. Having launched the industry’s first employee engagement survey 14 years ago, Energage draws on the employee feedback collected through the leading employer recognition program – Top Workplaces -- to maintain the industry’s most robust workplace culture benchmarks.

What is Productivity in Business?

by | September 20, 2022 | Productivity

There are many different strategies to improve productivity in the workplace. Every business will need a different approach, depending on its culture, employees, goals, procedures, and structure. Engagement surveys are a great start if you want to improve workplace productivity. Read on to learn how to measure productivity using employee feedback surveys and then take action based on those insights.

30 Strategies to Improve Employee Well-Being

by | September 19, 2022 | Well-Being

Employee well-being is more important than ever. Companies with successful strategies benefit from improved productivity and better employee retention. If you want to improve employee well-being at your company, check out these 30 ideas. Here we also highlight some of the nation’s Top Workplaces for Employee Well-Being.

How to Get a Great Nonprofit Job

by | September 15, 2022 | Job Seekers

From charities to hospitals and universities, nonprofit organizations keep our world going. Jobs in the nonprofit industry are collaborative, rewarding, and often hands-on. This post explores the best tips for getting a job at a nonprofit organization and we also highlight the award-winning Top Workplaces. Start here to to turn your personal passions into professional ones!

How to Get a Manufacturing Job

by | September 13, 2022 | Job Seekers

The cornerstone of the American economy, jobs in the manufacturing industry are an excellent opportunity for individuals to develop their skills. The manufacturing industry offers many benefits, including career stability and competitive salaries. Read on to explore how to get a job in the manufacturing industry and learn six quick-start steps.

How to Break Into the Tech Industry

by | September 6, 2022 | Job Seekers

Careers in the tech industry combine business, innovation, and science to solve the world’s complex problems. If you’re looking to break into the tech sector, read on. You’ll learn more about the industry’s benefits plus find several helpful tips, from the necessary skillset to locating a job at a people-first, award-winning tech company.