Communicating about your survey before the launch date is key to response rate.

by Laura Brinton

Weekly Culture Wins

Here are five things your survey communications should include in the weeks leading up to the launch date:

  1. The purpose of the survey. Talk about the why behind the survey. Most importantly, express the value of employee feedback.
  2. What you want to achieve. Set a response rate goal and share it. Employees should feel motivated to contribute without feeling pressured to respond.
  3. Logistics and timeline. Who’s administering your survey? When will it launch and when will it close? Answer these questions so employees know what to expect.
  4. Anonymity and confidentiality. Employees need to know the survey is safe. Explain the way responses are collected, reported, and make sure they have access to survey support.
  5. What happens next. Share how survey results will be communicated and when employees should expect to see actions based on their feedback.

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