Top Workplaces Sector Sheet

Over the past 12 months, 336 organizations in the Education industry have been surveyed for Top Workplaces. Below are specific industry related statistics.

Top Workplaces Sector Stats


Industry Average Engagement Score (3 percentage points lower than the score nationwide)


Retention Rate (Culture-Aware Sample)


Searching for Another Job (Culture Aware Sample)


Average Response Rate

Top 3 Industry Strengths Relative to Other Sectors

? 1. Meaningfulness

“My job makes me feel like I am part of something meaningful.”

?‍ 2. Cooperation

“There is good inter-departmental cooperation at [this company].”

3. Potential

“[This company] enables me to work at my full potential.”

Top 3 Industry Focus Areas Relative to Other Sectors

1. Direction

“I believe [this company] is going in the right direction.”

?‍? 2. Communication Up

“[Senior managers understand] what is really happening at [this company].”

⚖️ 3. Values

“[This company] operates by strong values.”

Top Workplaces in Education

Other Top Workplaces in Education (in alphabetical order):

Aceable, Annunciation Catholic School, Assessment Intervention Management (AIM), Aveda Institute Des Moines, Barbizon USA, Providence Christian School of Texas, Saint Albert the Great School, Studio Bleu Dance Center, The Schenck School, Zurixx

How Top Workplaces Employees in Education Describe Culture

*(Employees say these words more often at Top Workplaces in education. The larger the word, the bigger the effect. Words shown in pink are unique to this sector.)