Increase engagement and unlock potential with a culture of appreciation.

by Laura Brinton

Weekly Culture Wins

But don’t assume appreciation means the same thing to every employee. It can take a variety of forms, from praise to concern and rewards. Here are three examples:

  • Praise: Seek opportunities to give sincere compliments or to simply say “thank you.” Incorporate meaningful appreciation into meetings with individuals, teams, and the overall organization.
  • Concerns: Take a sincere interest in your employees’ concerns. Emphasize appreciation in feedback and communication. Encourage — and model — a culture of appreciation that encompasses all levels of the organization.
  • Rewards: Explore strategies to find what works for the organization’s culture. This can be company swag, celebrations, time off for volunteer work, or even free food. Financial incentives can be effective as tangible evidence to supplement verbal or written expressions of gratitude.

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