Without two-way communication, your employee connection strategy is at risk.

by Laura Brinton

Weekly Culture Wins

An effective strategy keeps your employees connected to their work, the organization, and a bigger purpose. But let’s face it: One-way communication is simple. It’s easy for leadership to send out important, companywide messages to staff. Two-way communication is more of a challenge. And without it, you’re missing valuable insight from those closest to your customer: your employees.

Here are four quick wins that will help you to enable two-way communication and strengthen connection:

1. Start by making two-way communication possible. Pulse surveys are an effective way to get timely, honest feedback so you know if messages have landed – and landed correctly.

2. Enable two-way communication in virtual meetings. Establish norms so employees know it’s ok to raise their hands when they’re unclear or want to offer ideas. 

3. Connect using a variety of media. Find ways to encourage interactions that form relationships beyond just technical tasks.

4. Make time for informal conversations. Leave time at the start of each meeting to check-in with people. Allow them to catch up and share what’s going on.

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