Benefits of the Best Employee Engagement Apps

by Energage

HR leaders and senior executives understand the importance of fostering a workplace where employee commitment is high. But they often lack an effective and convenient method for managing employee engagement. An employee engagement app such as the Energage employee engagement platform offers this structure while accelerating results.

Why an App Over Other Software?

Not all technology helps improve engagement. In fact, many of the software applications deployed in the workplace are drivers of workplace frustration. Consider email, for example. Would you say this helps energize your employees? Does it increase their motivation and commitment to your company? Probably not.

Jason Averbrook, founder and CEO of Leapgen, writes that “employees today have better technology in their smartphones than what their employers are providing them.” The consumer experience has completely blended in with the employee experience.

CultureTech, the discipline of using current technology to positively impact workplace culture, is a fairly new domain but it’s gaining traction quickly. That’s because these mobile internal communication apps are built specifically for improving employee engagement and strengthening workplace culture.

Unlike traditional software, employee apps can be rapidly deployed to every employee’s personal smart device. And unlike grassroots channels like  Slack or Yammer, the Energage platform allows the company to spark  — and participate in — the conversation.

Employee engagement apps such as the Energage platform keep employees connected at any time, from any location. This means you can tackle problems quickly or give employee recognition on the spot.  Employee feedback can be collected in the moment through an employee pulse survey, rather than when you decide it’s time for your annual employee engagement survey six months later.

In other words, it’s employee engagement apps that move at the pace of your business.

Facilitating Conversations with the Energage App

An employee engagement app also gives you the opportunity to use other key features:  

  1. Lightweight, single-question pulse surveys allow you to check in with employees to get valuable, real-time feedback on things such as company meetings and recent changes. It also encourages employees to offer additional comments for better context and understanding.
  2. The tool can also uncover problem areas to keep leaders clued-in. And the best employee engagement app enables employees to start a conversation while maintaining anonymity if they so choose. After all, no one is going to raise their hand in a public, town-hall meeting to say “I’m about to leave your company because you forgot my raise.” But employees will surface these topics through a trusted, dialogue tool such as the Energage platform.

And there are benefits for business leaders too. The administrative capabilities of the engagement app make the job of reviewing, responding, and sharing important employee feedback much easier. Rapid follow-up to employee input and is proven to be a key driver in raising participation levels and providing a positive employee experience.

The Science of Employee Engagement

Energage’s 14+ years of workplace research has identified four key imperatives that directly affect employee engagement:

  1. Alignment: Employees need to be aligned and focused on a common goal or objective.
  2. Connection: Employees need to feel part of the community, appreciated, and recognized.
  3. Coaching: Employees need to be supported in their daily work and their ongoing development.
  4. Performance: Ultimately, the team has to feel it has a winning chance to reach its goals.

Behind these four imperatives sit fifteen culture drivers. These are the most direct levers organizations can use to positively impact  engagement.

A well-designed employee engagement app addresses several of these drivers of employee retention specifically, including Appreciation, Values, Clued-in Senior Managers, Ideas, Interdepartmental cooperation, Clued-In Employees, Direction, and Meaningfulness.

The Energage App creates a stimulating dialogue-driven environment that benefits all employees, from front-line associates to C-suite executives. It creates a natural opportunity for employees to share positive aspects of their culture and have powerful conversations. And that’s how you improve your culture and drive employee engagement.

Our unified SaaS platform features four fully integrated solutions to help you recruit and retain the right talent.