Finders Keepers: Recruiting and Retaining the Right Talent

These days, recruiting and retaining the right talent is a lot like a game of finders, keepers. First, you need to find the talent. Then you need to keep them. This is especially important in today’s competitive landscape because people are coming after your best employees – and your employees have more choices where to go.

So, how can you make sure you’re not losing your best employees faster than you’re able to attract new talent? If you don’t want to be fighting the war for talent on two fronts at once, you need both a good defense and a strong offense.

Now’s the time to make sure your culture is in great shape. Top Workplaces already do. Their employees are engaged, they want to stay put, and they even refer their friends. In fact, some report turnover rates as low as 14 percent.

Join us for Finders, Keepers: How to Recruit and Retain the Right Talent. We’ll present our research, share best practices, and offer solutions for helping you to become the best at the game.

Rev up Your Workforce! Secrets of Building a Top Workplaces Culture

A strong and vibrant workplace culture delivers better business results and makes for a place we love to work at. But what is the secret to creating and sustaining a great workplace culture? Is it the company mission or the leadership? Perhaps it’s the beanbag chairs and ping-pong tables.

And even if you do know, where do you start? What should you prioritize — and how do you get buy-in from leaders, managers, and employees?

Who better to ask than the folks at online motorcycle-gear retailer who have been recognized as a Top Workplace in Philadelphia for five years in a row.

Join Fraser Marlow, head of research at Energage, and Talia Edmundson, director of human resources at RevZilla, for a candid discussion about workplace culture. They’ll explore:

– How to know where your culture really stands — and why it’s important
– The key drivers of workplace culture
– What “great” looks like in today’s standout organizations
– Real-world examples of being intentional about culture
– How to approach building a great culture — and how to get started

Fraser Marlow, Head of Research, Energage

Talia Edmundson, Director of HR, RevZilla









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Catalytic Coaching: Unlock Employee Potential With Proven Coaching Conversations

Top organizations know the key to standing out in the crowded marketplace is their own people. They place their employees at the center of their thinking, listen to what makes them tick, and cultivate a culture of continuous growth.

Join Jessica Bowers, Energage Coach Solutions Architect, for an introduction to the Catalytic Coaching approach to performance development and employee engagement. She’ll dive into how you can:

– Replace traditional performance reviews with future-focused conversations
– Coach to drive improvement
– Align personal and organizational goals
– Get the right people in the right roles

Win With Culture: Three steps to unleash potential and inspire performance

Today’s reigning companies do one thing better than anyone else. They intentionally create the kind of amazing workplace culture that drives incredible employee engagement — and phenomenal business results. It’s a culture so powerful we all can sense it. It’s part of their brand. Culture is the one undeniable factor behind competitive advantage. And with the right engagement strategy, any organization can achieve it.

Join Meghan M. Biro, CEO of TalentCulture, and Doug Claffey, the founder and CEO of Energage, for a candid discussion on the proven tactics to driving employee engagement, starting with building a superb, inspiring culture.

Doug Claffey and Energage have been working at the forefront of culture for the last decade, surveying and analyzing the cultures at 47,000 organizations and receiving feedback from over 16 million employees.

We’ll drill into the essence of culture and employee engagement — and how to make it a reality in your company. A key to achieving this goal is to scale high-touch engagement strategies to each every employee in the organization. It may sound counterintuitive, but the best tool for putting your people first is a new breed of technology called CultureTech.

We’ll cover:
– The real reason you can’t hide a bad culture — or fake a good one.
– The key trends in employee engagement, both good and bad.
– Why companies need to know their culture to shift it — and what happens if they don’t.
– What the best research is telling us about increasing engagement.
– The three things every top-performing organization does for its people, culture, and managers.

Forging a workplace culture that drives both employee engagement and amazing business results is within reach for any company. We’re thrilled to finally be able to sit down for a chat that’s been a long-time coming. There will be plenty of time for your questions as well. See you there!