How To Fix The Culture In Your Company

by Fraser Marlow

Is your culture cringeworthy?

Imagine for a minute a film crew onsite at your organization, documenting your culture. Now imagine watching the first episode — popcorn and all — surrounded by colleagues, customers, and a few job candidates. What would it look like? Would you cheer, chuckle … or cringe?

We’re all too familiar with this brand of so-called reality TV. It’s poignant, voyeuristic, and often cut too close to the bone. But have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have your workplace culture exposed on screen? For most organizations, it would likely force them to confront some hard truths.

Would potential hires be determined to work for you, or would they turn and run away?

Would your customers be impressed or horrified by the unfiltered inner workings of your organization?

Dunder Mifflin couldn’t hide a bad culture and neither can you

The truth about workplace culture is that it is becoming increasingly transparent. Maybe not to the senior leadership team, but certainly to your staff and the outside world. Scenes are being played out every day in your workplace. They’re shown on social media. And sometimes, critics post reviews for the world to see on sites such as Glassdoor. That’s why, now more than ever, it’s time for you to get intentional about creating a culture that’s award-show worthy. Otherwise, you’re at risk for becoming a real-life episode of The Office.

How to fix your workplace culture

Positive change is born from self-discovery and self-awareness. This is true for individuals and it’s true for organizations. But to drive positive change, you need to first be willing to accept reality as it stands. At Energage, we work with more than 7,000 organizations every year to take a three-step process toward improving culture:

  1. First, we measure your culture as it stands with Energage Survey, the validated, 24-statement employee engagement survey that’s been used in over 50,000 organizations.
  2. Next, we benchmark your results with our patented approach. We weigh your data on an individual-responder basis and then provide the results to you in a way that removes the noise and gets you focused on what matters most.
  3. Finally, unlike other employee survey companies, we help you improve your culture with our other platform tools, including Energage Connect and Energage Coach. Both build off the 15 drivers of engagement we’ve identified through more than 12 years of culture research.

If your workplace culture is worthy of an Emmy, show it off and participate in Top Workplaces. But if you find the Dunder Mifflin culture a bit too relatable, give us a call. We’ll help you understand where you’re at and then help you improve your workplace culture.