Employee Engagement

How to Get Feedback from Employees

You just wrapped up getting feedback from employees via your employee engagement survey and it’s time to dig through the data. So, now what? When trying to convert the feedback received into action and improvement, the most critical step is to find the story in the data. And ideally, find the one story that explains the others.

Employee Engagement: The Foundation of Better Workplace Safety

Was it the chicken or the egg?

Which comes first: Engaged employees who create a safe workplace, or a safe workplace that drives employee engagement? We invite you to read on and find out.

The Pursuit of Employee Happiness

by | September 4, 2018 | Employee Engagement

Recently, in three vastly different venues, three CEOs tried to make the case for using technology to create “happy employees:” The CEO of Wells Fargo described in Fortune magazine how he uses an app to create a daily “happy-or-grumpy” index of employee mood. The founder of Upworthy argued employees have the right to be happy […]

Employee Development: Unleash Your Superpowers at Work

How to Overcome Barriers To Employee Engagement

by | September 5, 2017 | Employee Engagement