Performance Reviews

Performance Ratings: The Hunger Games at Work

There’s something inherently wrong with the ritual of rating and ranking practiced by some of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies. I’ll give you three reasons why — and also tell you how you can quit performance ratings once and for all.

Effective Employee Performance Reviews and Feedback Approaches

Five tips to break the stinky habit once and for all
Complaints about performance evaluations are nothing new. Employees think the process is demeaning. Managers and supervisors find them burdensome and ineffective. Lawyers tell us the forms work against us in court. Here are five tips for transforming to a future-focused, employee-centric coaching mindset.

Tesla Uses Performance Reviews to Layoff Hundreds, but at What Cost?

How structured, ongoing coaching conversations prevent costly lawsuits … and protect your workplace culture A recent round of layoffs at Tesla raised eyebrows. Why would a growing company that’s struggling to meet its production quotas suddenly lay off hundreds of people, all at once?  The Mercury News reported Tesla is responding to poor performance that was recently exposed […]

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