Workplace Culture

Five Top Manufacturing & Production Companies to Work for in the USA

by | March 26, 2022 | Workplace Culture

From risk management and contingency plans to workforce safety and attracting new talent, the pandemic caused many problems for the manufacturing industry. But some manufacturing firms have weathered the storm better than others. Here we highlight five award-winning Top Workplaces that have proven prioritizing a people-first culture has its benefits.

Signs of a Bad Company to Work For

by | March 17, 2022 | Workplace Culture

A bad company culture breeds a toxic environment that leaves employees feeling drained, unmotivated, and unfulfilled. But sometimes, these factors are not immediately visible because they occur beneath the surface. To find a job you love, look for the qualities of a great workplace. This red flag list will help you avoid falling into a bad work situation.

Employees Did Plenty of Soul-Searching in 2021

by | March 12, 2022 | Workplace Culture

The COVID pandemic prompted people to give more of themselves to their work in the spring of 2020, but 2021 was the year workers decided to focus more on what they wanted or needed for themselves. That’s evident in the employee engagement survey responses analyzed by Energage. Here’s what data collected from more than 2 million workers revealed.

10 Companies with Great Work Cultures

by | February 10, 2022 | Workplace Culture

Employees are hunting for new opportunities that meet their growing list of needs, and that’s putting pressure on companies to prioritize workplace culture. The nation’s Top Workplaces already do this, and job seekers consider them great places to work. Here we highlight ten award-winning companies that have proven their commitment to a people-first culture.

What is Workplace Flexibility?

by | August 18, 2021 | Workplace Culture

Today’s modern organizations know that work-life flexibility is essential for a healthy, thriving, productive culture. Undoubtedly, it will continue to play an essential role for companies looking to attract talented employees and minimize employee turnover in the competitive market. Here’s what workplace flexibility is, why it matters … and how you can build a culture that supports it.