Employees who keep company values top of mind are more engaged, so make them part of everyday conversation.

by Laura Brinton

Weekly Culture Wins

Company values are a powerful declaration of your intentions for your organization’s culture. And in an always-changing environment, they are also the glue that holds a workplace together.

Here are five ways to strengthen your company’s core values:

  1. If you don’t have stated company values, create them. If you’re not sure your values are right for your culture now, consider revisiting them.
  2. Choose a communication channel to reinforce company values, celebrate them in action, and provide a safe way to learn about violations.
  3. Recognize people who live your company values. Find meaningful ways to appreciate and reinforce their commitment.
  4. Tie company announcements and celebrations to company values. Consider how you and your leadership represent your values every day.
  5. Encourage and empower employees to consider values when uncertain about their decisions.

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