Employer Branding

Uncover your hiring differentiators.

Recruit and retain the right talent.

Here’s what Employer Branding can save you

*Cost-per-hire estimates based on figures reported by SHRM.

Current employee count
# of planned staff hires
# of planned executive hires
Recruiting savings up to
$ 0
Employer branding cost
$ 0

Lower my recruiting costs

Employer Branding statistics

Cut your cost-per-hire
in half

Attract 50% more
qualified candidates

Increase your hire
rate by 2x

Be a talent magnet

Good help is hard to find.
You want to find the right talent for your organization — talent that aligns with your organization’s values. But in a competitive market, standing out is harder still.

Do something better — and far more authentic.
To attract the best talent, use the one thing that no competitor can copy: your workplace culture. Show candidates what it’s really like to work for you through the voices of your employees.

Employer Branding helps you fill the funnel with potential talent. You’ll build candidate trust, accelerate the journey, reduce recruiting costs — and ultimately, be most effective at making the right hires.

Recruit from a position of strength

Attract talent that shares the same passion and purpose

Culture Facts

Showcase employee sentiment to get the attention of candidates.

Show third-party verification of your culture strengths

Culture Badges

Prove to candidates where your organization really excels.

Enable employees to amplify and endorse your culture

Employee Advocacy

Expand your network and widen your recruiting reach.

Stand apart with an employer value prop

Recruiting Insights

Differentiate your culture from the competition.

How Employer Branding works

1. Take a snapshot

Employer Branding by Energage starts with a culture snapshot — a 24-item employee survey that can be completed by your workforce in less than 10 minutes.

2. Get your results

The AI-powered engine combines employee sentiment with patented analytics to uncover key strengths and build a third-party certified, authentic culture story.

3. Share your story

Publish culture highlights on your sites, job postings, career pages, and more. Then equip employees with advocacy content to expand your reach even further.

Thrively hooks another star with Employer Branding

Watch Kimberly become the heroine of HR when she finds the secret to attracting the right talent while cutting recruitment costs in half. Plus, Tim gets back his mojo when he finds a new stapler — and a company that aligns with his passion.

See Employer Branding in action

The Community Health Centers careers page highlights Culture Facts to attract the right new talent.

UNMB uses its Culture Badges on social media to showcase their certified culture strengths.