Get insights you can trust

Bad data. Bad decisions.

Standard employee surveys use company benchmarks as a comparison point for your scores. However, the usefulness of company-level benchmarks evaporates as soon as you cut the data by department, location, salary band etc.

However, there’s a better way – Energage Insights uses a patented process called comparative analytics to give you a true understanding of the places you should be focusing in your organization.

Rather than just the lowest average scores, Energage Insights understands both the areas with the most potential for improvement in your culture, but also which areas can have the largest impact. Get the insights you need to make the right decisions within your organization.

Instant actionable insights.

When your survey ends, the work is just beginning. There are still mountains of data to sort through and parse. I probably takes your HR team or consultant weeks or months of hard work before it’s possible to report on the results of the survey.

By this time, employees feel like their feedback has fallen into a black hole, meaning that your change efforts will already be approached with skepticism.

Get the information that you need to make critical decisions for your organization – when you need it. With comparative analytics baked into the technology, you’ll have access to actionable insights as soon as your survey closes.

Don’t measure your culture in a vacuum.

You wouldn’t measure the financial metrics of your company without comparing to industry standards or companies of similar size, so why measure your culture that way? With 13+ years of data from 7000+ organizations annually, you’ll know where you stand with best-in-class benchmarks.

A combination of smart benchmarking, proprietary patents, and comparative analytics means the heavy lifting gets done for you. That means you can skip the math and get to the insights you need to make the right decisions.

You can then enlist those closest to issues within your culture (employees and managers) to enact change. Energage Insights allows you to deliver insights to and enlist managers to improve your culture.