Maintain a Connection with Your Employees

Get the feedback you need to make informed people decisions

In light of the dynamic situation in which we all find ourselves, our survey scientists have worked with HR professionals to create Pulse survey packs designed to equip you with actionable feedback from your employees on operational readiness. 

Each survey pack is comprised of statements suitable for all organizations, as well as statements directed to specific employee demographics, organizational structures, and operating characteristics.

Pulse survey packs cover topics including:

  • Remote Working: Essentials
  • Remote Working: Communication & Collaboration
  • COVID-19: Business Transition
  • COVID-19: Company Communication

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Remote Working: Essentials

Understand employee sentiment around your organization’s remote working capabilities and how remote work affects productivity and responsiveness. The Remote Working survey pack includes a total of five (5) survey questions, plus two (2) demographic questions and one (1) conditional question. Sample questions include:

  • I am able to reach remote members of my team when I need them
  • My direct manager is supportive of my caregiver responsibilities

Remote Working: Communication & Collaboration

Understand employee sentiment around how your organization is handling communication and collaboration in a changing world of work. The Communication & Collaboration survey pack includes a total of six (6) survey questions. Sample questions include:

  • My team collaborates well when working remotely
  • [This company] communicates consistently with remote employees

COVID-19: Business Transition

Understand employee sentiment around your organization’s response to COVID-19 and its impact on employees, customers, and the business. The COVID-19 survey pack includes a total of seven (7) survey questions, plus four (4) additional optional questions. Sample questions include:

  • I feel well-informed about how [this company] is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • I have the resources I need to manage expectations and support employees during this COVID-19 event

COVID-19: Company Communication

The COVID-19: Company Communication Survey Pack includes a total of four (4) survey questions that focus on leadership communication and employee confidence in leadership. Sample questions include:
  • [Leader’s] communication at yesterday’s all hands clearly laid out the steps leadership is taking to address our business continuity during this Coronavirus crisis.
  • Given what [Company] can and cannot control in this pandemic, I am confident in the actions that leadership is taking.

 Our team is committed to getting you the information you need as quickly as possible so you can make informed decisions that impact your employee experience. If you have needs that extend beyond these questions, our team is ready and willing to provide what you need to drive productivity, give your employees a voice, and help create a sense of connection in this challenging time.