Five Ways Your Organization Can Stand Out From the Competition

by Energage

Powerful ways Top Workplaces put their award to work

Creating a culture where employees feel engaged, appreciated, and fulfilled is really hard. But Top Workplaces do it exceptionally well. It’s an achievement they earn and a distinction that gives them a sustainable competitive advantage in a fiercely competitive market.

Here are just some of the powerful ways Top Workplaces use the award to help their organization stand out from the competition, win the war for talent, clinch that next big deal – and maybe even make their competition just a little jealous.

1. They boost employee trust, confidence, and pride

Top Workplaces is powered solely by employee feedback captured with the engagement survey that’s the engine behind the program. Giving employees the opportunity to offer feedback ensures they feel heard and offers proof their input matters. It also builds trust and confidence, and research shows this has a direct impact on engagement. Plus, being able to say, “I work for a Top Workplace!” gives employees a great sense of pride and boosts morale.

“The word is pride. Everybody’s just so proud of having the Top Workplaces designation! Being able to announce that we are a Top Workplaces winner was a lot of fun. The employees were so surprised!” Samantha Green, HR Business Partner, TEAM Schostak

2. They showcase culture to strengthen their employer brand

When it comes to recruiting the right talent, employee referrals and traditional ways of recruiting talent are no longer enough. Culture is the most important differentiator, and the Top Workplaces award is third-party verification of culture excellence. Top Workplaces feature the recognizable gold badge on career pages and sites to get the attention of job seekers. Some take it a step further with Employer Branding tools that enable them to promote their hiring differentiators and show candidates what it’s “really like” to work the organization.

A recent study revealed that companies with a strong employer brand can reduce their cost-per-hire by as much as 50 percent. Source: LinkedIn

3. They win big contracts because they get noticed

People want to do business with Top Workplaces. The award is a mark of confidence and an indication of superior quality and service. Not to mention, it distinguishes them from the competition. Top Workplaces advertise the badge on their marketing materials, website, packaging, and social media to help their organization stand out.

“While managers, recruiters, and advertising can say a company is a great place to work, third-party branding from an external source sends a more credible signal.” David G. Allen, HR Management Chair, Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations

4. They network with other Top Workplaces

Leaders of Top Workplaces see value in prioritizing workplace culture and use it as a strategic competitive advantage. They also network with other award-winning organizations that share the same passion, whether celebrating at Top Workplaces events or sharing best practices.

“When I think about the road ahead, the questions I ask are: ‘Can we sustain this? Can we keep that focus? Can we sharpen it?’” Zac Jacobson, Senior Director of Business Excellence and Customer Insights, eBay

5. They keep their culture in tip-top shape

Top Workplaces don’t rest on their laurels and they know standing still isn’t an option. As a result, Top Workplaces are committed to keeping their culture in tip-top shape and they continue to put in the hard work day after day. Tapping into their employee engagement survey insights enables them to see their blind spots (bright spots too) and know where to focus their efforts.