Six Ways to Reinforce Your Company Direction

by Bob Helbig

Are your employees aligned and connected?

Top Workplaces are made up of employees who believe in the direction set by senior leadership. But getting direction right can be challenging. That’s because it requires an authentic belief, a smart strategy, and regular communication.

While human resources can champion direction, senior leadership bears the responsibility to drive — and be accountable for — the chosen path. Employees who believe in the direction of your organization will invest more of themselves in their work because they know it will make a difference.

Top Workplaces score high on organizational direction

Our research shows only 58% of employees at average organizations responded positively when asked if they felt their organization was going in the right direction. But at Top Workplaces, this jumps as high as 95%.

When company direction is poorly executed

If you wonder whether your organization is struggling with direction, here some warning signs to consider:

  • Senior leaders believe they communicate about direction more than they actually do.
  • Communication falls apart between senior leaders and managers.
  • Leaders expect human resources to be the driver of direction.

How to align employees with your company direction

Long term, consider these big-picture ideas:

  • Make time to create a clear, concise, and memorable direction statement.
  • Schedule time with senior leaders to make sure actions align with direction.
  • Encourage managers to emphasize each team’s role and the vital part it plays in the organization’s direction as a whole.

In the meantime, here are some quick fixes:

  • Make your organization’s direction visible throughout the workspace. Post it in meeting rooms, common areas, etc.
  • Share stories and examples of company direction in action.
  • Reinforce company direction in all communication.