Are your employees ready to return to the workplace?

Find out in 3 quick and easy steps

Two out of three employees aren’t comfortable going back to the office

When is the right time to bring your employees back to the office – and what’s the best way to go about it? These are the big questions on the minds of business leaders everywhere. There’s pressure to move quickly, yet the actions you take will have a lasting impact.

The Return to the Workplace Transition Series is a set of short, targeted surveys that give you the real-time employee feedback you need to make critical decisions quickly and safely – while building the trust and confidence of your people, too.

From survey to insights in less than 48 hours

Step 1

Select your survey.
Choose from a wide range of pre-built packs or we can create one for you.

Step 2

Upload your employee list and launch the 5-minute survey.
Turn your attention to other priorities while Pulse captures anonymous responses.

Step 3

Get answers to your most critical business issues within 48 hours.
Prescriptive tips help you take action based on employee feedback.

With the support of expert guidance if you want it

We’re here to help. Schedule a 30-minute walkthrough of results with an Energage survey expert.
We’ll work with you to map out next steps and create a simple action plan.

Short, targeted surveys are a win-win for
leadership and employees

Survey response rates are higher than ever before. Employees are voicing their appreciation for the outreach and leadership’s desire for feedback.

“The fact this survey even happened gives me confidence that the firm actually cares about the challenges everyone is facing right now.”
“Our leaders communicate consistently. They do surveys like this to keep their finger on the pulse of the company.”
“We are asked for our opinions, like in this survey. To me, it is important to know that this company cares about the opinions of the people that help make the company what it is.”
“I especially like that that our company has these surveys. Shows great character in our core values.”
“Thank you for reaching out and getting our perspective. It speaks volumes to the kind of company we are and we aspire to be.”
“It’s nice to know leadership cares what we think and keeps us in the loop of making things better for everyone.”

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Research-based Pulse Packs for today’s most pressing concerns

Pulse Packs address a wide range of topics, and we’re adding more all of the time. If you need something that’s not on the list, we’ll help you create the perfect set for your needs.

Staffing Decisions

  • Furloughed Employee Connection
  • Employee Separation Phase 1
  • Employee Separation Phase 2
  • Post-Compensation Reduction
  • Post-Financial Posterity

Operational Readiness & Crisis Response

  • Business Transition
  • Company Communication
  • Resilience Through Crisis
  • Special Initiative Launch Readiness
  • Process Change
  • Crisis Retrospective

Employee Well-Being

  • Mental Health
  • Personal Financial Health
  • Maxed Out: Stress & Strain Bi-weekly

Remote Working

  • Essentials
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Childcare Challenges
  • Remote Managing

Return to Work

  • Planning
  • Company Communication 
  • Retrospective


  • K-12 Education: Staff Distance Learning
  • Higher Education: Staff Distance Learning
  • Higher Education: Student Distance Learning
  • Manufacturing: Crisis Response
  • Healthcare: Crisis Response


  • Sales Compensation Crisis-Driven Change
  • COVID-Positive Employee in Workplace
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Crisis Product Launch Readiness

Data driven people decisions powered by real-time feedback.

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