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Support Packages

Achieve your goals quickly and maximize the value of your Energage subscription

Select the right fit for your goals

Whether you’re looking for a self-service solution or 1:1 strategic guidance, our tiered packages give you the support you need.


Included with your Energage subscription, this self-service option offers support via telephone and email, as well as basic advisory sessions and 24/7 Help Center access.


Working with our team of Customer Success Advisors, Plus offers next level, additional support at key milestones as well as several deep-dive advisory sessions.


With Pro, you work closely with a designated customer success manager who partners with you to reach your goals and achieve success using the Energage Platform.

What customers say about Energage support

“These sessions were extremely helpful in unpacking the survey insights in a way that allows me to optimally inform leadership and create our blueprint for continued organizational improvement.”

“The Premier Support team did a great job helping our executive team understand the various elements of the survey results, and helped our team understand how the information is compiled and what it represents. The calls were very informative and helpful follow-up information was provided as well.”

“The team was absolutely great in their presentation, articulation, and demonstration of the platform. As a first-time user, they made it extremely easy to understand, navigate and access data relative to the questions I had on the road to change within my company.”

“You make this process very simple. With my busy schedule, adding something that is time-consuming just isn’t possible, but the minimal effort required to be able to partake allows us to participate.”

“The Energage Team is available and invested in our success! Throughout the process we have felt well informed, capable, and supported- thank you Energage for your product and the excellent information that we have been able to receive and benefit from as an organization.”

“An awesome team with outstanding customer service. I can’t express how appreciative we are to every single one we’ve worked with throughout the last 4 years.”

Every support package includes 24/7 access to our Help Center

From helpful user guides to how-to videos, the Energage Help Center is your go-to resource.

To learn more about Premier Support, contact your Energage representative, or email us at

“The deeper analysis of the data gave us a better overall understanding of where the issues were. That allowed us to engage where we needed to make changes in a more focused way.”

“Energage is the one system that consistently gives me reports that are digestible, that are asking the right questions. Because some of these surveys, quite honestly, don’t ask the right questions.”

“Our wins are a direct reflection of our team and the great work they do every day. And frankly, it’s about how accountable they hold all of us for creating a great experience for their peers, for candidates, for alumni, and for our customers.”