Successful engagement programs are informed by qualitative, objective employee feedback.

by Laura Brinton

Weekly Culture Wins

Successful engagement strategies rely heavily on honest, anonymous employee feedback. At Energage, we define engagement as “individual passion working toward shared success.” We measure it by looking at three Workplace Survey statements:

Commitment: “I have not considered searching for a better job in the past month.” 

For someone to be considered engaged, they should plan on staying with their organization. 64 percent of employees at Top Workplaces responded positively to this statement, while only 44 percent of employees at average organizations said the same.

Referral: “I would highly recommend working at this company to others.” 

When an employee is willing to stake their reputation on your organization, that shows they feel trust, pride, and commitment. At Top Workplaces, 83 percent of employees agree. But just over half – 60 percent – at average organizations are willing to refer their friends and family.

Motivation: “This company motivates me to give my very best at work.” 

When employees are motivated, they see themselves as part of a team. Only 61 percent of employees at average organizations rated this statement positively. Yet at Top Workplaces, this number leaps to 82 percent. That’s a lot of unleashed potential

Employees who respond positively to all three of these statements have passion, energy, and commitment. Because they’re engaged, they’ll go above and beyond for your organization. Top Workplaces have clearly cracked the code!

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