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Common survey mistakes

Six Common Employee Engagement Survey Problems

A lot goes into carrying out a successful employee engagement survey, and it’s easy to make mistakes along the way. Here are the six most common survey problems.

Workplace culture and engagement are threatened when company headcount exceeds 150 employees.

Defining and managing culture in a small company is a different ball game than in a large one. That’s because according to studies, an interesting social phenomenon occurs when your organization grows beyond 150 people.

You can’t make employees be engaged. They become engaged or they don’t.

Transactional approaches to engagement such as free lunches and bring-your-dog-to-work day only build entitlement, not engagement.

How headcount impacts culture

Protecting Workplace Culture as Your Company Headcount Grows

Studies show employee engagement is threatened as an organization’s headcount grows. Here are three ways to protect your workplace culture and maintain employee engagement.

Focus your efforts on engaging people with their work, their teams, and the organization.

There are three dimensions of employee engagement. Missing one could be the difference between an associate who goes that extra mile and one who calls in sick on opening day at the ballpark.

Communication is even more important when there’s instability.

Managers tend to communicate less in troubled times — when really, they should be communicating more. Here are five ways you can ensure employees are well-informed.

Three ways to engage employees

Three Ways to Engage Your Employees

Employees who are engaged with their work, their teams, and the organization benefit your culture, customer service, and product quality – not to mention, your bottom line.

How an employee prefers to be appreciated varies from one person to the next.

Appreciation is one of the key drivers of engagement. It’s also one of the easiest things to do. But how successful you are at giving recognition depends how well you know the person receiving it.

retaining your best employees

15 Culture Drivers That Improve Employee Retention

How can you ensure your best employees will stick around? Our research points to 15 culture drivers that will help you to improve employee retention.

Employees who believe in your company direction invest more of themselves because they know it will make a difference.

Getting direction right requires an authentic belief, a smart strategy, and regular communication. Try these tips to help employees better engage.

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