The most important measure of culture is employee engagement.

by Laura Brinton

Weekly Culture Wins

So what leads to employee engagement? Our research points to 15 culture drivers. Let’s take a look at the “big four”:

  1. Direction: When everyone is aligned behind the company’s direction, it connects them to the common ground of sharing their desire to achieve it. But getting Direction right can be tough because it requires an authentic belief, a smart strategy, and regular communication.
  2. Appreciation: When you take time to recognize your employees, they will be driven to contribute even more. Think of appreciation as a magnet that draws people toward better results.
  3. Meaningfulness: Work without meaning is drudgery, but meaningful work feels effortless. When your employees find meaning in what they do, they’ll be motivated by a whole lot more than a paycheck or perks.
  4. Potential: People want to stretch themselves, so Potential is a huge motivator for most. When employees can’t achieve this, they begin to feel stuck or unrecognized, which makes it more likely for them to start a job search.

Go here to learn more about these and the other culture drivers.


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