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Return to work plan

Five Best Practices for a Successful Return to Work Plan

Planning for the return to work is a big topic on the minds of business leaders right now. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, these best practices will help to set you up for success. Read + Download

Energage employee engagement research

Employee Engagement Rises Since COVID-19 Lockdown, Research Says

What impact has the COVID-19 lockdown had on workplace culture and employee engagement? Energage recently commissioned a study to see how survey results have shifted across the 15 key Culture Drivers. Read + Listen

Leverage crisis as strategic advantage

Top Workplaces Organization Surveys Furloughed Employees and Sees Amazing Results

When the nation’s largest exterior home remodeling company made the difficult decision to furlough 85 percent of its workforce, leadership quickly began to put in place a plan for how best to keep those employees engaged and supported. Read + Download

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