Introducing Energage: New Capabilities … and a New Name

by Energage

Headlines suggest that, on average, only one out of every three employees is engaged at work. That’s a lot of wasted potential. And we’re not OK with that.

WorkplaceDynamics was created because we saw this potential energy being wasted in companies across the country. We also saw a need for leaders to gain valuable insights into the engagement of their people. The best way to capture that data is to go directly to the source: the employees. With that, our survey was designed and developed with the utmost rigor to help organizations truly understand the dynamics of their people.

Our journey as a company is entering an exciting new phase

Now 11 years later, our survey tools, methodologies, and benchmarks are rock solid. But all along, we’ve known measuring engagement just isn’t enough. To make a real impact on engagement, talent leaders must act on the insights we provide. We knew we were the right people for the job. So we got to work, helping clients move from measurement to action.

These changes made us realize that we were becoming a new company. One that makes it possible to release untapped potential and unleash the boundless energy of working better together. Today, our culture technology platform allows leaders to learn from their people, take action, spark meaningful conversations — and drive meaningful results.

WorkplaceDynamics is becoming Energage because this name tells the story of where we are going and why it matters better than any name.

So, you may be wondering: what’s in it for you?

Our commitment to innovation will give you the tools to take employee engagement to a whole new level. You’ve trusted us to be your partner and help you get the right answers to your engagement questions. With us as your guide, we’ll help you turn those insights into actions and see real results.

Thanks for joining us on this ride. Stay tuned for more!