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At Energage, we understand that great people are at the heart of every great organization. That is why our purpose is “making the world a better place to work together.” Do you share our purpose?

Living our core values of:


We focus on making things better for others. We value helping both individually — and as an organization. We value helping in the moment and increasing our capacity to help in the future. We value being constructive and being part of the solution.


We are open to there being a better way. We value looking at things from other people’s perspectives. We value receptiveness to new ideas. We value the graceful acceptance of feedback. We value the willingness to improve.


Together, we can accomplish far more than we can individually. We value understanding and accepting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We value constructive conflict, followed by a commitment to group decisions. 

Energage employee voices

We’re building a culture at Energage where amazing people (like you) can do their best work. When people ask what it’s like to work here, you’ll usually hear the same few sentiments.

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Our Essential Behaviors

Be a lighthouse
Through any weather, we’re dependable and trustworthy, guiding each other and customers to our destination.
Bounce back better
We’re resilient through change and learn from failure, coming out stronger and smarter than before.
Be a window, not a door
We keep each other clued-in through high levels of transparency, collaboration, and effective communication.
Shiny thing? So what!
We focus on what matters - to our business, our customers, and each other.
This IS a laughing matter
We spend a lot of hours at work - let’s have fun doing it.
Roger that!
We acknowledge, respond, and set expectations [within one business day].
Fuel the future
We make future-focused decisions by anticipating potential outcomes and planning accordingly.
Check your baggage
Identify the drama and check it. Assume positive intent and be your best self.
Own it
We embrace accountability for ourselves and others and take pride in what we do.
Bring it!
Passion unlocks potential.
What do you think?
We humbly seek and incorporate a wide range of perspectives.
We can!
We start with the belief that there is a solution.
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It's your career!
Move as you please.

At Energage we encourage internal mobility to allow employees to build upon their talents. See a new role in a different department that piques your interest? Go for it! We’re here to help you create the career of your dreams.

Success as a remote organization

Energage is a hybrid company rooted in flexibility. Employees can choose to work from our primary office located in Exton, Pennsylvania, fully remotely, or a mix of the two.

ERGs at Energage

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are identity experience-based groups focused on creating community and making Energage a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable place to work.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Energage

Energage is fully committed to building a workplace where every single employee feels safe, welcome, and empowered to do the best work of their career.


As a founding BCorporation, we are on a mission to help leaders make a valuable impact on workplace culture, the working lives of employees, and society overall.

We'd love to get to know you.

Browse our open positions, find a job you love, tell imposter syndrome to take the day off, and apply.

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