Intentional Culture Platform

Measure, shape, and showcase a workplace that delivers results

Cutting-edge technology that powers an intentional culture

Workplace Survey

Measure your culture and give employees a voice
We ask the right questions to produce the best feedback for your organization. We also use an innovative conversation algorithm to capture employee comments that matter.

Organization Insights

See where your culture stands and focus your efforts
Our AI-driven comparative analytics get the real story behind your data so you can make the right decisions. Our people analytics are so powerful, they’re patented.

Employer Branding

Share your culture story and attract top talent
Let your organization shine. Showcase what’s best about your culture to get the attention of job seekers, investors, customers — and even your competition.

Employee Recognition

Amplify appreciation and power real-time reinforcement
Celebrate the difference employees make. Give appreciation to anyone from anywhere at anytime. Connect them to shared values and one vision for the culture you want.

“What we found out using Energage Survey was that the managers really weren’t managing their people. They weren’t spending the right amount of mentoring time with them; they weren’t giving them enough direction; …”

“Energage is the one system that consistently gives me reports that are digestible, that are asking the right questions. Because some of these surveys, quite honestly, don’t ask the right questions.”

“Our wins are a direct reflection of our team and the great work they do every day. And frankly, it’s about how accountable they hold all of us for creating a great experience for their peers, for candidates, for alumni, and for our customers.”