Employer Branding

Attract and recruit the right talent for your organization

Employer Branding

Attract and recruit the right talent for your organization

Use Energage’s Employer Branding solution to showcase the voice of employees so job candidates know what it takes to thrive and succeed in a unique culture

Uncover your hiring differentiators

Share an authentic culture story with Culture Badges and Culture Facts.

Gain a competitive advantage

Inform your Employer Value Proposition with recruiting intelligence

Be a talent manager

Attract candidates who share your passion and purpose

Stand out in a competitive market

Highlight and share what makes your culture unique

Employer Branding statistics

*Statistics based on research from LinkedIn & Glassdoor

Cut your cost-per-hire in half

Attract 50% more qualified candidates

Increase your hire rate by 2x

Build a credible employer brand

Culture Badges and Culture Facts are just two of the Employer Branding tools found in the Energage platform. They make it easy for you to build a credible employer brand, showcase your hiring differentiators, and give job seekers a glimpse at what makes your culture unique.

How Employer Branding with Energage works

1. Take a snapshot

Employer Branding by Energage starts with a culture snapshot — a 24-statement employee engagement survey that can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

2. Get your results

AI-powered engine combines employee sentiment with patented analytics to uncover key strengths and build a third-party certified, authentic culture story.

3. Share your story

Publish culture highlights on your sites, job postings, career pages, and more. Then equip employees with advocacy content to expand your reach further.

See how your organization’s data can help attract and recruit top talent