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We are a trusted 3rd party – Unlike do-it-yourself online surveys,
Energage builds trust by ensuring confidentiality for employees.

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Our AI-driven algorithm quickly and accurately analyzes survey responses instantly and then asks employees to offer additional feedback They feel heard and appreciated; you get an accurate picture of what matters most to your employees.

Review your Survey Snapshot

Your survey gave employees a place to share what is and isn’t working in your organization—and offer ways to improve. This snapshot gives a high-level overview of what they said, but only the full results will show the whole story.

How engaged are your employees?

Employee engagement is the simplest way to limit turnover, boost productivity, increase safety, enhance your reputation, and support your strategy. Retention and recruitment are a problem in today’s labor market, but engagement gives an answer.

What Our Clients Say

“The survey itself elicits the kind of feedback from our employees that is helpful in shaping the way we engage our employees. Our Account Manager was very helpful, coaching and guiding us through the whole process.”

– Dee Sendrowski, Fidelity Bank