Connecting workplace culture to organizational success


Connecting workplace culture to organizational success

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Our expert team of consultants, backed by decades of extensive experience, works directly with you to translate employee survey insights into customized, actionable strategies. Gain leadership buy-in through our professional, tailored services for analysis, alignment, and action. 

“Energage Consulting is wonderful, and the service levels are top notch. Our consultant is exceptional, and she has provided critical insights. It’s helpful to have a highly knowledgeable external consultant who is neutral and can provide feedback and actionable insights to our Board and Executive Team.”

Andrea Straub, AVP of People Strategy at CapEd Credit Union 

Transform employee feedback into actionable strategies with expert guidance

Executive Culture Briefing

Our experts prepare and present survey insights with your company CEO or company leadership. The Executive Culture Briefing aligns your leaders and creates prioritized and approved next steps so you can act quickly. 

Manager Culture Workshop

The Manager Culture Workshop brings together departmental leaders and managers to brief them on company-level themes, offer tips for understanding departmental survey results, and present strategies for implementing improvement actions. 

DE&I Insights

Unearth profound insights into the unique employee experience across diverse demographic groups with the invaluable expertise and guidance of our DE&I Insights.  

M&A Culture Integration

Merging two workplace cultures can be a significant challenge. Identify potential friction areas with a tailored M&A Culture Integration. 

Exit Analysis

Uncover the causes of regrettable turnover. Replace unreliable exit interviews with Exit Analysis to reveal valuable insights from departed talent through survey responses.  

Custom consulting solutions

The Energage Consulting Team can build and deliver custom solutions to address your specific needs, including:  

Strategic Initiatives

Executive Coaching

Focus Groups

Your consulting team

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Connect your company culture to organizational success

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