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Unlock employee potential with proven Catalytic Coaching conversations
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Create a win-win culture with a simple process that aligns personal and organizational goals.

Be future focused, employee-powered

Catalytic Coaching

Traditional performance reviews are so yesterday. Create a continuous dialogue that guides employees to own their futures in ways that unleash their potential.

Empower managers to drive improvement

The simple structure helps managers track and facilitate employee growth that benefits the whole team.
Catalytic Coaching

Get the right people in the right roles

Catalytic Coaching

Inspire every individual to achieve amazing results by engaging in key conversations around career, development, and teamwork.

Structure your 1:1s

Your culture depends on productive relationships between managers and employees. Help managers coach employees to meet organizational needs.

Foster a culture of accountability

Catalytic Coaching

Managers and employees keep track of their skills and career commitments with Catalytic Coaching Online.

Gary Markle and Catalytic Coaching

Gary is the founder of the Catalytic Coaching process and author of the book “Catalytic Coaching: The End of the Performance Review”. His work has been favorably reviewed in the Atlanta Business Chronicle and he has been interviewed and quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and Detroit Free Press.
Learn more about Gary Markle including his role as author, speaker, and creator of the Catalytic Coaching process.

About Gary

Understand more about the Catalytic Coaching process and how it differs from traditional performance reviews.

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Catalytic Coaching

Unlock the potential of Catalytic Coaching

In our new eBook, Gary Markle explains why traditional performance evaluations don’t cut it anymore. He’ll also let you in on six best practices for implementing a Catalytic Coaching system.

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