Company Certificate

Show your commitment to a people-first culture

Being a culture-conscious company is more important than ever

Employee engagement is the result of a culture-conscious company. When employees are engaged, they give their best each day, they want to stay put — and they even refer their network to your company.

The Culture-Conscious Organization certificate recognizes Affiliated Distributors member organizations and suppliers that have successfully completed the Energage Workplace Survey. This digital certificate demonstrates your commitment to putting your people first.

Benefits for Affiliated Distributors member organizations

  • Receive a free, high-level snapshot report when you launch the free, 5-minute employee engagement survey.
  • Receive a Culture Conscious Organization certificate with a completed survey.
  • Affiliated Distributors member organizations receive a 20% discount toward any Energage Platform subscription.
  • Affiliated Distributors member organizations receive a 10% discount on individual Energage Platform products. 
  • Affiliated Distributors member organizations get 10% off any Energage Consulting Services custom solution.
  • Qualify to participate in Top Workplaces regional and national employer recognition awards.*

* Minimum employee counts and location of your business determine eligibility.

Show employees their input matters – and you’re ready to listen

Capturing authentic, confidential employee feedback is the first step to measuring and improving employee engagement. The Energage Workplace Survey makes that easy!

  • Confidential and research-backed 5-minute survey.
  • Measures the workplace experience and culture themes that drive it.
  • Open-ended comments provide valuable context and insights.
  • Qualifies your organization for regional and national Top Workplaces awards.

How to earn a Culture-Conscious Organization certificate

It’s simple! We’ll help you survey your workforce using the Workplace Survey, our research-backed, confidential employee engagement survey that takes people approximately 5 minutes to complete.

From start to finish, the process is quick and easy. Here’s how it works:

Contact a survey specialist at

Complete simple survey setup process

Schedule and launch the Workplace Survey 

Complete the Workplace Survey 

There is no cost to survey your company or receive a certificate

If you’re interested in Energage Insights and Branding tools, subscriptions are available to

Affiliated Distributors member organizations at a 20% discount.

Your company may also qualify for year-round employer recognition

By completing the employee engagement survey, you can also apply your company’s results to qualify for year-round Top Workplaces awards. It has never been easier to earn credible recognition as an employer of choice in the USA, your region, and the distribution industry.

Take the next step

Reach out to us at and mention your Affiliated Distributors membership.

A survey specialist will be in touch to help you get started.