Catalytic Coaching, Inc.

Company Overview

Catalytic Coaching is a dynamic approach to performance management that aligns leadership, increases employee retention, opens communication, rapidly resolves issues with problem employees, improves company culture and employee experience, develops the talent you need, promotes accountability, and propels company growth through a proven system. This is supported by online software and high quality training that has been successfully implemented in small, mid sized, and large companies in every industry throughout the United States and Canada.

Areas of Expertise

Performance Management, Executive Coaching, Organizational and Leadership Alignment, Training, Employee Development, Succession Planning, Employee Engagement, Workplace Culture, Coaching

To improve the workplace for employees and speed the pace of significant business growth.
To create stronger, more successful companies through performance management.
To replace the world’s useless performance reviews with a proven coaching process that actually works for both the employees and the organization.
Teamwork, Understanding, Leadership, Authenticity
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