Enerpace, Inc.

Company Overview


Enerpace is a Leadership Development and Executive Coaching firm. We have been developing agile leaders, teams and profitably agile organizations since 2002. Together, we’ll create the people plan that makes your business plan a reality.

Our team has the expertise and hands-on experience to work with you whether you need solutions for an individual, your team or the entire company. Our approach is customized to your unique goals and designed to measure and maximize your ROI.

In this time of rapid change, uncertainty and complexity, Enerpace creates leaders who get results with and through people, no matter what lies ahead.

Areas of Expertise

Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, Leadership & Organizational Development, DEI, Human Capital Management, Behavioral Assessments, Employee Engagement, Corporate Culture, Career Transition & Management

We change how leaders get results by focusing on agility, EQ, communication and people & project leadership to produce measurable improvements in business performance.
Boutique Chicagoland consulting & executive coaching firm serving as an outsourced talent development/OD function for rapidly growing firms who desire an on-going partnership relationship.
We Grow Agile Leaders who Grow Purpose-Driven Firms We create fulfilled leaders intentional about the impact they create on their life, their people, their firm and their environment. When you impact a leader, the ripple effect expands throughout the organization and far beyond it too, encompassing stakeholders of every variety.
Speaking the Truth, Integrity, Authenticity, Experience, Caring, Keeping Commitments, Growth and Learning, Continuous improvement
Our essence: Passionate truth tellers, Real-world results based on proven expertise, Over-deliver value, Professional while having fun, because we love what we do
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Chicago, IL



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