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Company Overview

ReadySet is a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) strategy firm that specializes in integrating and embedding DE&I strategies and practices within innovative organizations.

Areas of Expertise

Assessment & Data Analytics, Talent Strategy, Process and Policy Design, Learning & Development, Executive & Individual Staff Coaching, Communication Support, Change Management, Ongoing Consulting, and Advisory Support

As a high-touch boutique DEI consultancy, we aim to bring a holistic and intersectional approach to building inclusive organizational culture and internal team development by utilizing tested best practices and a strong emphasis on data-driven solutions that is intrinsic to our team’s deep experience in both academia and the field.
One of the core beliefs that we hold at ReadySet is that no meaningful organizational change work can be done well without applying the principles and outcomes we aim to achieve — those of diversity, equity, and inclusion — to the methods by which we do them. More simply said, the “how” matters just as much as the “what.” Our “how” comes to life in the way that we continuously seek to minimize harm, take an intersectional lens to the work, and center people — especially those with historically- excluded and minoritized identities — every step of the way. This way of doing our work and creating meaningful impact for our clients endures because of the foundation in human-centered values that motivate everyone at ReadySet.
As a US-based company with international impact, we pride ourselves on working with clients in a range of different enterprises, cultures, and geographical locations through data-driven inquiry and a highly tailored consulting and adaptive learning approach. Our assessment and strategic advisory delivers evidence-backed recommendations for what most organizations experience as unchartered territory. Each one of our trainings, especially our popular Ally Skills workshop, equips company cultures with consistent language, experience, and commitments around core concepts (e.g., marginalization & bias) and essential frameworks.
Empathy, Growth, Enthusiasm, Creativity, and Integrity 
Empathy: The DE&I journey is deeply personal, and oftentimes charged in the work context. We focus on the humans we are in conversations and acknowledge shared experiences
Growth Mindset: The DE&I journey can also mean looking at uncomfortable truths. We encourage our clients to learn from these challenges.
Enthusiasm: DE&I work is iterative and takes time and intention to do well. There is rarely a quick fix, so you need something meaningful to keep you going.
Creativity: Our rigorous, data-focused approach, our holistic and integrated design, and our high-touch, personalized process create the right conditions for creative thought partnership.
Integrity: Every organization is different, and every solution is unique.
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