TMI Consulting, Inc.

Company Overview

We are a SWaM, certified minority-owned diversity, and inclusion strategy firm. Our 100% aspirational approach, no blame and shame, and our data-driven approach set us above and apart from the competition. TMI is the first diversity and inclusion-focused B Corporation in the world and earned national and international recognition in the field of organizational development and civic engagement. As a Virginia Benefit (B) Corporation we are required to have both an ethical and a legal commitment to providing a benefit to society. Our values are integral to everything we do, including how we treat our employees and how we work with our clients.

Areas of Expertise

Our services include strategic consulting, learning and development support, and online assessment solutions. We specialize in creating inclusive organizations. We believe that diversity, human equity, and cultural competence help optimize organizational development. We know that no two organizations are the same, which is why our businesses support a variety of circumstances and needs. Our suite of businesses gives us the agility to tailor our interventions to accommodate the needs and scale of any organization.

As a culture-focused organizational development group, we support organizations across the United States and all over the world with some of their most challenging work. TMI’s consultants have worked with a variety of corporations, from smaller organizations to Fortune 500 clients. We have also supported state, local, and federal government agencies.

TMI is a strategic consulting firm, which means we work with you to ensure that everything we do supports the strategy and culture you already have in place. Our team of consultants, trainers, coaches, and facilitators have years of adult learning experience—combining the latest learning principles with expert design and delivery. We specialize in using innovative techniques and technologies in our work. TMI incorporates a variety of audio, visual, and experiential approaches to accommodate a diversity of learning styles. We also offer fully digital and virtual online training options.

As a culture-focused organizational development group, we support global organizations with their most challenging DEI work. Our consultants have deep experience and have worked with a variety of corporations, from small to Fortune 500 corporations. We have also supported state, local, and federal government agencies.
TMI Consulting Inc. envisions work as a safe and welcoming vehicle for liberation, innovation, and conscious co-creation. We facilitate this vision within our company and with our clients by putting people first, and positioning TMI Consulting as the global standard in workplace diversity methodology.
TMI Consulting’s mission is to provide companies with sustainable, data-driven solutions to building more culturally diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces. We accomplish this through cultural accountability assessments, strategic guidance on JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) best practices, and structured learning and development.
Human-Centered, Pursuit of Excellence, Strategic Thinking, Ethical Conduct and Integrity, Socially Responsible Business, Ethical Data Governance, Inclusive Innovation, Sustainable Organizational Growth, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
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