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At Energage, we’re pretty serious about our purpose: Making the world a better place to work together. We’re also realistic about it being a challengingly ambitious purpose. To achieve this, we know we’re going to have to do things differently than they’ve been done in the past.
That’s why we’ve got a dedicated innovation team at Energage — and we’ve also got a number of patents, both granted and pending too.

Survey scoring and focus areas

Patent 10,055,701

This is the patent behind our comparative analytics and our method for determining your organization’s top focus areas and celebrations. It allows us to provide you with the most accurate survey results scoring. We’re able to comb through your data quickly, thoroughly, and smartly to call attention to the most valuable insights.

Comment analysis

Patent 10,387,471

This is the patent behind our “comment clouds.” It starts with a unique way to automatically find insightful themes in your survey comments through what might be called “word and phrase benchmarking.” It combines that with an innovative approach to sentiment analysis designed specifically for the unique challenges of assigning sentiment to employee survey comments.

An expressive question response scale

Patents D784,400, D784,401

Sometimes you ask a custom question without benchmark data. Traditional Likert scales aren’t designed to drive insights and impactful conversations without comparative data. We’ve got two design patents on our innovative (but awkwardly named) “ragStar” scale that solves these problems and delivers better insights and more impactful conversations than other response scales.

Meeting agenda prioritization

Patent 10,332,052

For interdepartmental and task force meetings, running great meetings is hard. How do you make sure the diverse interests of the widely varied participants are best balanced? Our meeting agenda patent solves these problems with an innovative combined approach to crowd-sourcing and crowd-rating meeting agenda items.

Real-time confidentiality

Patent pending

Real-time, always-on, and responder-triggered surveys present new challenges to protecting the confidentiality of the responders, particularly when reporting segmented data in continuously evolving organizations. We take true confidentiality seriously and have a pending patent on an innovative approach to solving these problems.

Two-way comment communication

Patent pending

Comments from employee surveys often contain valuable insights for leaders who are multiple levels above the employee making the comment. The inability for a frontline employee and a higher-level leader to connect on an area of shared concern where one has more first-hand knowledge and the other has more capacity to drive change is a major loss for the organization. At the same time, the dynamics of connecting across levels are challenging. We have a pending patent that leverages technology to facilitate and improve these interactions.

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We’re proud of our work and we’ve invested a lot of time, research, and brain power to bring them to you. So, please don’t infringe upon our patents. We’re a purpose-driven B Corp. It’s likely we can come to licensing terms that will work for you. To start that conversation, reach out to our Insights & Innovation team at hello_insights@enerage.com.