Indy-based Top Workplace Gains More Than Recognition Using the Energage Platform

Fusion Alliance leverages employee engagement survey analysis to focus on what needs attention now.

Implemented comprehensive decompression plan to re-allocate staff roles at physician offices according to skillset.

Initiated a tour across all offices where employees could participate in a special luncheon with the CEO.

Revised the onboarding and orientation process to focus more attention in areas that received low scores and comments on the survey.

When Fusion Alliance of Indianapolis and Quick Solutions of Columbus, Ohio merged in 2014, they knew there would be challenges. But, because they are both values-based organizations and both had been named to their respective Top Workplaces lists for several years, they were confident both would come out stronger on the other side. At the same time, their leadership teams knew that being a people-centered organization requires ongoing commitment. That’s why their first order of business was to re-establish a new mission, vision, and values that incorporates the passion behind both organizations, with the goal of bringing the teams together to rally around a common purpose.

Because both organizations were Top Workplaces, each had extensive experience with the Energage Workplace Survey as the only employee engagement survey that serves a dual function of assessing organizations’ culture and qualifying organizations to participate in the Top Workplaces program. To help ensure that the newly merged organization, known as Fusion Alliance, was moving through the post-merger months smoothly, leadership continued to issue the survey.

“When we merged, we made the decision, in an effort to streamline resources, that our employer recognition program of choice was Top Workplaces,” said Megan Koontz, VP of HR at Fusion Alliance. “It is the only program that allows you to issue just one survey and use those results to be considered for the Top Workplaces recognition, and to identify any possible organizational bumps in the road so you can proactively address them before they negatively impact employees, customers and ultimately your bottom line.”


Keeping lines of communication open with employees following a merger, to continue achieving Top Workplaces recognition while establishing and growing a unified, people-centered culture.


Utilize Energage Workplace Survey as its annual employee engagement survey and to participate in the Top Workplaces program. The single-issue survey enables Fusion Alliance to leverage Energage Insights while earning credible recognition as an organization of choice.


Fusion Alliance maintained its spot as a Top Workplace, while simultaneously uncovering areas of strength and identifying focus areas. Leadership was able to take action and address two significant employee concerns, ensuring team members felt heard and valued.

“Being named a Top Workplace has been incredibly valuable to our organization from a recruitment perspective, but we quickly discovered the added benefit of going one step further, digging into the employee feedback, and taking action where we can to improve the employee experience and strengthen retention,” continued Koontz. “The Energage Platform makes it easy to know where to focus our attention, whether it is identifying challenges, or celebrating the things that are working. We are able to say, ‘We heard you, we are listening.’ That goes a long way in helping to bring everyone together and to keep our organization strong.”

Making an Impact Beyond Employer Recognition

In 2017, Energage Insights, the data analysis product that applies patented algorithms to Energage Workplace Survey results, uncovered one of those bumps in the road in the form of the organization’s corporate giving initiative. Employees were less than positive about the policy. Despite still being named a Top Workplace, leadership took the feedback seriously and got to work finding a solution. This led them to partner with Pinkaloo, an organization that allows employees to donate to causes most important to them, with Fusion Alliance matching those donations after $100 accumulates in any employee Pinkaloo account. This shift was so well-received that team members have continued their donations throughout the COVID-19 crisis Two years later, in 2018, the PTO policy surfaced as the next significant bump in the road. Employee feedback from the annual engagement survey showed that the PTO policy was causing significant dissatisfaction. Employees cited too many restrictions as their primary frustration. As a result, leadership conducted research into alternatives, and in early 2019, implemented an unlimited PTO policy. As with the change to the corporate giving policy, the new PTO approach was enthusiastically received. Knowing they are empowered to take a break when they need to recharge, employees are happier, more engaged, and able to give 100% effort when they are at work.