Top Workplaces Survey Informs Business Decisions for Leading Healthcare Organization

Eight-time winner of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Top Workplaces, Premier Medical Associates utilizes survey feedback to stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

As the largest multi-specialty physician practice in the Greater Pittsburgh area, Premier Medical Associates has over 400 employees across 10 locations. Leadership prioritizes culture and places an emphasis on maintaining an open, communicative, and happy workplace. When evaluating these cultural standards eight years ago, the executive leadership team felt there was a need to better understand their employees by establishing an anonymous, two-way channel for honest feedback.

Premier Medical Associates turned to Energage. Since then, they have relied on the Energage Workplace Survey—the same survey that powers the Top Workplaces program, as its annual employee engagement survey. Premier has been named to the list of Pittsburgh’s Top Workplaces each time, positioning them as an employer of choice in what is known to be one of the nation’s most highly competitive healthcare markets.

Employee Feedback Analysis Drives Action with Impact

To Premier Medical Associates, what’s most important to leadership is the intelligence they gain from Energage Insights and its almost immediate analysis of the Top Workplaces survey feedback. The Energage Platform, which seamlessly integrates the survey, feedback, and analysis, makes it simple for leaders to see and share what’s working, what’s not, and compare employee feedback year-over-year. This access to trending data has enabled Premier to move the needle when it comes to making decisions that impact employee engagement, retention, satisfaction, and more.


Surface workplace issues facing their 400+ employees. Collect credible data to inform people-related business decisions.


  • Workplace Survey – confidential, science-based employee engagement survey
  • Insights – survey feedback analysis using the industry’s most robust, accurate benchmark
  • Top Workplaces – employer recognition award program


Enhanced recruitment efforts with 8 Top Workplaces awards. Premier is positioned as an employer of choice in a highly competitive healthcare market. Within days of survey close, in-depth feedback analysis was used to make informed decisions that increased employee engagement, improved employee morale, and bolstered productivity significantly across the organization.

“For our culture to be strong we need to listen to our employees,” said Kelly Schaeffer, director of human resources. “With Energage, we are able to issue one engagement survey to give every team member a seat at the table, equip leadership with in-depth analysis of where to focus our efforts, and earn recognition through Top Workplaces. I see the positive impact this has on our employees, business, and patients. It truly is a win-win.”

Survey Insights

Team members at several physician offices identified workload as an area for

Employees indicated the desire to have more face time with the CEO.

New hires had lower than average employee engagement scores.

Action Plan

Implemented comprehensive decompression plan to re-allocate staff roles at physician offices according to skillset.

Initiated a tour across all offices where employees could participate in a special luncheon with the CEO.

Revised the onboarding and orientation process to focus more attention in areas that received low scores and comments on the survey.

Business Impact

Alleviated workload issues,
increasing efficiencies, productivity, and satisfaction.

Increased employee morale, strengthened engagement, and reinforced that leadership was listening and cares about its people.

Reduced turnover and improved survey scores among new hires.