Top Construction and Real Estate Organization Relies on Energage to Open the Lines of Employee Communication

Kraus-Anderson – a three-time winner of Top Workplaces Minnesota – collects employee feedback throughout the year to affect change and inspire teams.


As a robust family of companies with diverse expertise in real estate, construction, and risk management, Kraus-Anderson aims to achieve its core mission by staying steadfast to its EPIC values – Excellence, People, Integrity, and Commitment. With People at the heart of the enterprise’s success and sustainability, Kraus-Anderson leadership has leveraged the Energage Platform for the past three years to collect, understand, and amplify the voices of their team.

Kraus-Anderson first introduced the Energage Workplace Survey in 2018 to offer employees a confidential way to share feedback. The survey was coupled with the Energage Insights tool to help Kraus-Anderson unpack data and analysis about the organization’s areas of strength and opportunities; findings that have ultimately increased engagement, reduced turnover, improved performance, and promoted business efficiencies. The same survey has powered Kraus-Anderson’s recognition as a Top Workplace in Minnesota for the past three years, positioning the organization as an employer of choice and supporting recruitment efforts.

Responding to Feedback with Action

In the past year, Kraus-Anderson added the Energage Pulse tool to create short, targeted, custom research-based surveys that allow the organization to keep culture efforts on track through continuous, topic-specific employee feedback. Together with Insights, Pulse enables Kraus-Anderson to track progress and see department-specific
trends with analysis and benchmarking capabilities.


“Since introducing Energage tools, we have been able to take a deeper dive into the employee experience, which has led to better engagement, improved efficiencies, and ultimately our position as a Top Workplace,” said Diane Toll, director of human resources. “We are looking forward to leveraging Pulse even more going forward to keep the lines of communication open throughout the year and ensure our efforts are focused, on track, and impactful.”



Introduce a survey tool to collect honest, actionable employee feedback to inform business and culture decisions.


  • Energage Workplace Survey – confidential, science-based employee engagement survey
  • Energage Insights – survey feedback analysis using the industry’s most robust, accurate benchmark
  • Energage Pulse – short, customizable survey quick check-ins on any topic with any group
  • Top Workplaces – employer recognition award program


  • Strengthened engagement by providing a confidential survey tool that ensured every employee’s honest voice could be heard.
  • Increased efficiencies by utilizing feedback from the annual engagement survey to make changes and pulse at the department level to inspire action and maintain accountability.
  • Enhanced position as an employer of choice through consecutive, multi-year Top Workplaces recognition.

Workplace Survey



Top Workplaces

The engagement survey provides a confidential communication tool to measure company culture and identify key focus areas where leadership can make improvements. Data analytics tool ensures leadership can quickly
and easily identify critical issues from employee feedback to make and validate business decisions.
Workplace Survey feedback surfaced meeting inefficiencies. Leadership worked with teams to establish new protocols and followed up with a Pulse survey to check-in. Scores improved and productivity increased. Based on Workplace Survey results, Kraus-Anderson
has been recognized as a Minnesota Top Workplaces winner for three consecutive years.
Anonymous survey ensures all employees at Kraus-Anderson have a safe, constructive way to have their voices heard by leadership. Industry-leading, customizable benchmarking allows Kraus-Anderson to identify its competitive advantages against the most relevant competition. Short, custom survey tool provides consistent, actionable data that informs business decisions and inspires internal coaching and leadership practices. Credible, third-party recognition enables Kraus-Anderson to stand out as an employer of choice to potential candidates and customers.