Mission-Driven Success: Team Member Feedback and Expert Guidance Foster Excellence at Thompson Thrift

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Industry: Development

Employees: 500-999


To enhance team member engagement and leverage culture as a driver for achieving strategic goals while aligning with Thompson Thrift’s mission


Workplace Survey, Consulting


Improved workplace culture, increased team member engagement, a reinforced commitment to excellence, and Top Workplaces recognition

Thompson Thrift’s mission is “to positively impact our team members and the communities we serve.” That mission statement isn’t just a plaque on the wall — it’s a way of life for their team members. Recognizing the importance of living their mission fully, they turned to Energage for expert guidance in incorporating team member feedback into their strategic planning.  

Through an extensive vetting process, Thompson Thrift was drawn to Energage’s expertise in people science, streamlined survey questions, and comprehensive platform features, including AI and action tracking. The added bonus of participating in the Top Workplaces employer recognition program solidified their decision. 

Fostering a culture of feedback, accountability, and empowerment

Utilizing the Energage Platform, Thompson Thrift efficiently gathers team member feedback, identifies areas for improvement, and tracks progress. Tools like the Workplace Survey and Pulse allow team members to have their voices heard, fostering a culture of empowerment and value within the organization. 

Lily Tikijian, Sr. Director of Communications & Engagement at Thompson Thrift, highlights the significance of Pulse: “It is beneficial as a mid-year check-in with our team members because it allows us to get timely feedback and gauge efforts from the Workplace Survey. The pulse surveys are a great complement, providing a quick touch base and focused insights into our organizational culture.”  

Additionally, the team relies on the Platform’s Action Tracker to hold department leaders accountable for driving engagement initiatives and ensuring follow-through on commitments. 

Expert guidance assisted with actionable strategies and tracking

Seeking expert assistance in pinpointing and addressing areas of improvement in team member engagement and company culture, Thompson Thrift partnered with Energage Consulting. “We wanted a dedicated partner who could help us implement changes and measure outcomes,” Brett Barnes, SVP of Organizational Development said. “They played an instrumental role in creating actionable plans and monitoring our progress.” 

Under the expert guidance of consultant Janet Swaysland and her team, tailored solutions were implemented based on extensive workplace research and experience with other Top Workplaces. Together, they successfully implemented significant changes and measured outcomes.  

To address team member feedback captured by the Workplace Survey, Swaysland conducted an executive offsite meeting and facilitated departmental working sessions. Additionally, she spoke at Thompson Thrift’s annual meeting, emphasizing the importance of communication and culture. 

Swaysland noted, “Thompson Thrift’s mission and values are integral to its strategy and business practices, demonstrating their commitment to culture as a driver for achieving their goals.” 

“I appreciate that Janet fielded questions, provided balanced feedback, and kept business objectives top of mind. Her presence was very beneficial.”

Brett Barnes, SVP of Organizational Development, at Thompson Thrift 

Thompson Thrift boosts its commitment to excellence

As a result of this collaboration, Thompson Thrift improved its workplace culture, increased team member engagement, and reinforced its commitment to excellence, becoming a celebrated regional and national Top Workplaces winner. 

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