Salmon Syndrome

by | August 10, 2008

It goes something like this.  When these hard charging executives were much younger and just starting out in their careers someone came along and offered them a promotion that involved 50% more work for a 10% increase in pay.  Those with Salmon Syndrome responded immediately by pumping their fists in the air and shouting enthusiastically […]

A Gift of Oprah

by | May 10, 2008

I received the most unusual gift recently on my birthday.  I was actually asked to dedicate a book to Oprah Winfrey.  Now, before you get too excited, let me explain further.  It’s a heck of a story. Yvonne McLaughlin is a Purchasing Manager at Lavelle Industries, an Energage client in southern Wisconsin who likes to […]


by | April 10, 2008

I am frequently asked to describe what differentiates a successful employee development program from a less successful one.   In a word, my answer is “coachability.”  If I could do only one thing to maximize the chance that a supervisor’s performance improvement advice would be followed by a direct report, I’d focus on helping the direct […]

Coaching Family Members

by | February 10, 2008

To coach or not to coach? That is the question faced by many family-owned business leaders when there is a direct reporting relationship between people who share DNA.  Does it make sense for an entrepreneurial CEO to conduct a performance evaluation on a son, daughter, in-law, parent, or spouse?  If you perform such an activity, […]

Real World Catalytic Coaching

by | January 1, 2008

With this first edition of our 2008 newsletter we have adopted a new name, Catalytic Connection.   Here are a few words as to why. As most of you know, we use the term “catalytic” in the context of a definition that describes “speeding the pace of significant change.”  The notion is that if you are […]