What Does Appreciation at Work Really Mean?

by | March 1, 2022 | Appreciation

Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 4. It celebrates the feel-good connection between workers and the workplace. Yet, workplace appreciation shouldn’t be a single date on a calendar. Award-winning workplaces practice it year-round. And while there isn’t a single best way to show appreciation, we see common themes in the feedback we’ve studied from dozens of highly-rated workplaces.

10 Companies With Effective Internal Communications

by | February 21, 2022 | Communication

Internal communication is the lifeblood of a company. It ensures everyone is connected and headed in the same direction, driving toward the same goals. When it’s effective, communication can also improve employee engagement. Energage recently published the Top Workplaces culture excellence award for communication. Here we highlight ten of the award-winning companies.

Best Ways to Find a Job in 2022

by | February 18, 2022 | Job Seekers

The current environment undeniably favors job seekers. Companies are responding to improve the candidate experience and emphasize that perks such as flexible schedules are emerging. And while this might be great news for people looking for new opportunities, there is work that still needs to be done. Here are some helpful tips and best practices that will make it easy to find a job you love.

10 Companies With the Best Training & Development Programs

by | February 14, 2022 | Training & Development

Companies with the best training and development programs invest in their employees, and that’s a good indication of a leadership team that prioritizes a people-first culture. It can also lead to better employee retention and employee engagement. Here we highlight ten award-winning companies with the best training programs.

10 Companies with Great Work Cultures

by | February 10, 2022 | Workplace Culture

Employees are hunting for new opportunities that meet their growing list of needs, and that’s putting pressure on companies to prioritize workplace culture. The nation’s Top Workplaces already do this, and job seekers consider them great places to work. Here we highlight ten award-winning companies that have proven their commitment to a people-first culture.

Top Companies for Diversity and Inclusion in 2022

by | February 3, 2022 | DE&I

Winners of the Top Workplaces for DE&I Practices national award excel at creating a productive and loyal culture. As a result, they experience many benefits, from attracting talent and minimizing turnover to higher employee engagement and revenue levels. Here we feature ten award-winning companies and highlight their DE&I efforts.

How to Find a Job You’ll Love & Why It’s Important

by | February 1, 2022 | Job Seekers

Employees who enjoy what they do experience a number of benefits including less stress and lower anxiety. They’re also happier, more productive, and motivated. But what’s the best way to find a job you love? This guide gives job seekers 12 helpful tips for uncovering what matters most in a career and best practices for going after it.

Companies Offering the Best Job Benefits 2022

by | January 14, 2022 | Job Seekers

Companies that provide their employees with excellent compensation packages deserve to be recognized for their people-first efforts. Top Workplaces rewards these companies with credible employer recognition. Here are 10 Top Workplaces that strive to increase employee happiness and satisfaction.

20 Best Companies for Work-Life Balance & Flexibility in 2022

by | January 10, 2022 | Work-Life Flexibility

A truly flexible workplace focuses on the quality and completion of work rather than where and when the work gets done. By prioritizing the employee experience, Top Workplaces out-produce, out-innovate, and out-deliver the competition. Here are 20 award-winning that recently earned accolades for their employees’ work-life balance and flexibility.

20 Best Work From Home Companies in 2022

by | December 30, 2021 | Remote Work

With a growing demand for workplace flexibility, the best work from home companies share a vision for the future of remote work and strive to foster engagement, regardless of where their employees may be located. Here we take a closer look at the top industries for remote work and highlight some of the award-winning Top Workplaces with a mostly remote or fully remote workforce.