Cultivating a Culture of Feedback: The 3Cloud Success Story

Location: Downers Grove, IL

Industry: Custom Software & Consulting

Employees: 500-999


To leverage employer recognition awards for employee recruitment and celebrate a positive company culture 


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Winning Top Workplaces awards significantly improved 3Cloud’s ability to connect with top talent across multiple physical locations. Now, candidates from across the country want to be a part of 3Cloud’s cohesive and successful team. 

At 3Cloud, thriving company culture starts with employee experience

Maintaining a unified and motivated workforce is key in the fast-paced world of tech, where growth is rapid and competition fierce. But 3Cloud has found the secret sauce: harnessing the power of employee feedback to build a cohesive workplace experience where everyone thrives.  

Its journey with the Energage Platform began at a previous employer, where Karen Crone and Kristin Gilligan achieved great success. Now, as Chief People Officer and Senior Director of HR Operations at 3Cloud, they knew it was the right solution amid rapid company growth and multiple acquisitions. “We want people to believe that tomorrow will be better than today and that they have a say in it,” Crone remarked.  

Having the Platform resources at their fingertips made it easier for Crone and Gilligan to see what was working well, pinpoint where pivots were needed, and share those insights with leadership. “We’ve had several acquisitions, bringing multiple cultures together, and we needed to create one 3Cloud,” Gilligan remarked. “We improved the workplace experience. Employees also love having a voice.”   

3Cloud achieved a 10% year-over-year increase in survey response rate, highlighting the impact of building trust and acting on employee feedback

“Overall, I am sincerely impressed. We’ve been able to make changes in communication, processes, and overall employee voice. We’ve gotten into a quarterly cadence, so they know what’s being addressed and acted on. I think employees appreciate that in a way they didn’t have it before.”   

    Kristin Gilligan, Senior Director of HR Operations

Response rate increased when employees saw the value of their feedback

At 3Cloud, the path to success isn’t just about response rate. It’s about nurturing a culture where every voice matters. To Karen and Kristin, more voices mean more progress.“We’re always looking for opportunities to improve work-life balance, remote work, employee engagement … and obviously, retention, development, and innovation,” Gilligan said. “We love 3Cloud and want employees to love it as well.” 

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