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Top Workplaces Research

Energage employee experience solutions are informed by the Top Workplaces research, a deep body of research that has helped us identify the 15 culture drivers that are critical to success in any organization. Surveying and studying over 60,000 organizations since 2006 means we know what a great culture looks like — and we know how to get you there.


Organizations Surveyed

20 Million

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Culture Drivers

Win more than just an awesome ribbon

New research shows that organizations that become Top Workplaces, better attract and retain the top talent in their region – plus, having a say through surveys helps these employees stay engaged.

The Benefits

Broadcast your employer brand

Our media partner recognizes Top Workplaces in a special feature while we celebrate them on

Impress clients and competitors

Your customers want to work with the best, and the best sport our badge. Plus, it makes your competition jealous!

Engage your employees

“I work for a Top Workplace!” Our engagement survey makes employees proud and helps them feel heard.

Start important conversations

Our introductory survey report serves as a snapshot of your organizational health - and identifies potential blindspots.